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We all have different ways of processing things at the moment. Prolonged self-isolation and the uncertainty of the day, are not easy things to process. I have a tendency to be constantly in motion, and having to slow down means that I have been focusing on my health and self-care. However, my family and I also thrive on being creative. We need to be engaged in the things and creative activities that bring us joy.

Being creative is also an awesome way to pass the time and to maintain some balance. Not to say that staying creative is the only way to make it through this pandemic, but we have found it helpful. So, this had me thinking of how I could share what I am already doing at home and to help others connect with their creativity during this challenging time.

Starting on Thursday, May 7, at 3:00 pm EST I will start sharing some free crafty content on our social media and here on our blog. I hope that it will be fun for you and your family to enjoy. I will be working with my family to come up with some of the projects and I have also reached out to others to join us online as well.

Our first session will be done via Facebook Live on our Facebook Page, and I will also share on Instagram @craftedspaces and possibly on our YouTube channel (still deciding). These sessions are going to be about thirty minutes to an hour, and will include different sewing and craft projects for kids and adults.

As a maker, I have lots of supplies on hand and I realise that not everyone is going to have access to art and craft supplies. I am also in no way recommending that anyone venture from the safety of their home to search for supplies. However, if you already have these items on hand or can re-purpose items you have, then perhaps you might find our Sew and Craft activities fun. Otherwise, I still invite you to join in, watch, share and revisit this and other projects in the future when you can safely venture out for supplies. Thanks guys for your time. I am looking forward to doing these sessions and I hope you will join us online.

Stay safe!


Spring Wreath

In celebration of Spring, our first project is going to be a Spring Wreath. Since access to fresh flowers are limited or nonexistent at the moment, we will be working with faux flowers. If you will like to join our first session, here is a list of materials that you will need.

Supplies Needed:

  • Selection of Faux Flowers
  • 12″ Brass Ring (or other wreath base)
  • Wire Cutters or Utility Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • 24 Gauge Paddle Wire
  • Floral Tape
  • String, Cord or Ribbon (optional)


UPDATE! If you have missed our Sew and Craft sessions, check out our IGTV @craftedspaces for the full sessions. Our IG Live is now home to our Sew and Craft online sessions. The projects vary and so does the dates and times. Join us @craftedspaces to stay posted on our upcoming sessions.

Updated 18/07/2020


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