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Ten Steps to Getting Started with Your DIY Capsule Wardrobe

There is only a couple weeks officially left for spring, but I intent on making the best of it and making a few spring wardrobe projects to share with you guys. Today I shared another video in our series. The goal is to post a videos and share my progress here on the blog and […]

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DIY Capsule Wardrobe Sew-Along

*This is a pre-recorded video. If you have always wanted to make your own clothing, you are going to be very excited about what I am about to share. Last year I went through my wardrobe and purged everything that did not fit or no longer reflected my personal style. I was left with pieces […]

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Live Online Sew And Craft Classes

We all have different ways of processing things at the moment. Prolonged self-isolation and the uncertainty of the day, are not easy things to process. I have a tendency to be constantly in motion, and having to slow down means that I have been focusing on my health and self-care. However, my family and I […]

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Taking Basic Body Measurements For Sewing

How To Take Body Measurements For Sewing

Taking accurate body measurements prior to purchasing your pattern is the first step to ensure a great fitting garment and is well worth the time and effort. When possible, take your body measurements wearing the undergarments you intend on wearing with the finished garment. The type of bra you are wearing will affect your bust […]

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Fabric Bolts

Organizing Your Fabric Stash

This is the second post in a series of post for our Creative Space Declutter and Organization Challenge. In our previous post, I shared some tips on organizing your sewing patterns. In this post I will look at how to organize your fabric stash. I will also share some tips on how to stay organized. […]

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Bags Protecting Your Sewing Patterns

Organizing Your Sewing Patterns

Organizing your sewing patterns is one of those tasks that every sewist needs to think about. I have decided to start with this task for our Creative Spaces Declutter and Organization Challenge. I have been using the same system for the past four years, and I needed to make some changes to accommodate our growing […]

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Creative Space De-Clutter And Organization Challenge by Crafted Spaces

Creative Space Declutter And Organization Challenge

The busyness of the New Year has started to settle down and it seems like a great time to start focusing on organizing and refreshing different aspects of life. I have given myself a few organizing and refreshing challenges for the year, and I will start by focusing on my creative space. Over the next […]

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Crafted Spaces DIY Christmas Wreath

DIY Christmas Wreath

I absolutely love Christmas wreaths. The holidays would not be as festive without a wreath. Over the years I have made both natural and artificial wreaths. However, my favourite is always a natural Christmas wreath with a mix of fresh evergreens. After a bit of looking around for materials, I purchased a mini evergreen swag […]

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Handmade Soap Making

6 Reasons I Started Making Handmade Soap

My family and I have always loved using handmade soaps. About five years ago, I started making cold processed soap and since then we have not looked back. We benefit from the wonderful properties handmade soaps have to offer. I teach monthly soap making workshops and I am often asked; why I started making soap? […]

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Sewing Essentials

20 Beginner Sewing Essentials

Students often ask what they should have in their sewing kit. This post will share some essential items that I believe should be included in any beginner sewing kit. As your sewing skills develop and your projects become more complex, you may find it necessary to expand your sewing kit and to add specialty tools […]

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