Business Services

At Crafted Spaces we love seeing you transform your craft into a viable business venture. Over the years we have worked with others to transform their creative business and have shared our many years of experience, our successes and our mistakes. We have helped others connect with their craft and find their audience. If you are a creative entrepreneur or someone thinking of taking your craft to the next level, then left us help you along on your journey. Our services can provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to build your business.

Our expertise include, but is not limited to

  • web design and development
  • social media
  • communications
  • branding and marketing
  • programme development
  • sales
  • product development
  • photography


Crafted Spaces provides Creative Business Consulting services to individuals that will like to transform their creativity into a viable business. Our team of professionals can assist you with planning, product development and getting your craft to market. We can help build your new business or assist with restructuring your existing business.

Our team has over twenty years of experience with creative entrepreneurship, communications, information technology, marketing, graphic design and social media. Our team members will work with you one-on-one to transform your business into a viable business venture.

  • A minimum two-hour block of time
  • Sessions focus on helping you develop the skills you need to build your business
  • Meetings can be scheduled in-person or online

Crafted Spaces offers a comprehensive business workshop series, that will provide you with the skills needed to effectively manage and grow a creative business. Our workshops are designed to provide an opportunity for you to explore and develop your creative business ideas. If you have always wanted to start your own creative business or will like to develop an existing business, then join us as we focus on different aspects of creative business development. We hope that our sessions will inform, inspire and motivate you.

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Have you thought of teaching your skills to others? Our team of creative professionals can assist you in developing a programme to effectively teach others. Gain from the expertise of Yvette-Michelle Cottle Darby, Owner of Crafted Spaces with over twenty years of experience as a creative instructor. Yvette-Michelle will provide you with unique insight into developing a creative training programme for both children and adults.

In addition, our Education Consultant, Dr. Cheryl Cottle; holds a doctorate in education from the University of Toronto with a focus on curriculum development and instructional design. Together with the other members of our team, we will assist you in developing a unique teaching and learning programme for your clients.

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A well designed website is a must have for any business. We work with our clients to create a unique website that will effectively highlight their products and attract clients. If you are looking to stand out online, then have our team work with you. Your business deserves a website that is unique as your creations, don’t settle for a cookie cutter, click and drop website.

  • Great layouts
  • Mobile friendly
  • SEO optimized
  • Website analytics
  • Ongoing support

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