Kids Sewing Basics 101


This class introduces kids to the sewing machine. They will learn how to thread a sewing machine, sew seams and learn other basic sewing skills. They will also learn valuable sewing essentials for exploring new sewing projects. Kids 6+

Instructor: Yvette-Michelle Cottle Darby
Materials Needed: Materials Included

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Our kids sewing basics 101 class is a sewing basics class that will introduce kids to the sewing essentials. This two hours small group class will get kids familiar with a sewing machine, teach them how to thread a sewing machine and sew seams. They will also learn how to take body measurements, select fabric and understand a commercial sewing pattern. Kids will gain an understanding of the sewing machine and gain the confidence to try new projects. Content varies based on age group.

Supplies and access to our sewing machines is provided.  However, if you have a sewing machine we suggest you bring it along with the manual.

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Student can reserve the use of a sewing machine at no additional cost. Great place to start as a beginner.


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